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The children’s folk group OSMINKA is affiliated with the Taussigova Primary Art School in Prague 8, where it was formed in 1999 with the intention to pass on and share the joy and beauty of Czech folk music. 

At first, children playing folk songs met as a six-member group of beginning fiddlers taught by teacher Jana Pavlíčková; later it grew to the present 30 members aged 4 to 22. Our music is drawn from a rich treasure of folk songs, rhymes and games from different areas of Bohemia, especially Chodsko, Klatovsko, Prácheňsko, Budějovicko and Berounsko. 

The children meet in three smaller groups divided according to age and experience. For the second year we have also had a dance section, made up mainly from the musicians, our “dancing” musicians. Osminka’s oldest musicians also have their successors – the younger preparatory music group Malá Osminka for 6- to 12-year-olds and a singing and dacing preparatory group for 4- to 8-year-olds. Since January 2009, the leader of the dance section has been Ms. Bára Dastychová; we cooperate with voice consultant Ms. Dana Krausová. Since January 2009, fiddler and bagpiper Jan Papež, a fourth-year student of MFF UK in Prague, has been our “first” fiddler.

Osminka regularly participates in many festivals, competitions and cultural events for children and adults, not only in Prague but throughout Czechia and abroad.; in May 2009 Malá Osminka was going to Kyjov for the national round of the primary art school folk instrument competition and has become the winner of the youngest category ; for June - every year - we are preparing our folk festival Children’s Folk Garden 2010. At this time we are completing the recording of our second CD that is going to be christened at the end of May.

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Past tours

Children's folk music band Osminka  during of its existence has performed and traveled quite a bit :

Bulgaria 2006  - International Folklore Festival in Sunny Beach ( Ravda )

Slovakia 2007  - International Folklore Festival of New Locks ( Nové Zámky ) 

Iceland 2008  - International Folklore Festival in Reykjavik and surroundings

Slovakia 2008 - International Folklore Festival of New Locks ( Nové Zámky ) 

Slovakia 2009 - International Folklore Festival in Bratislava 

Croatia 2011 – Concert tour in the south region  - Drvenik and surroundings

Iceland 2012 - International Folklore Festival in Reykjavik and surroundings

Slovakia 2012 - International Folklore Festival of New Locks ( Nové Zámky ) 

Slovakia 2014 - International Folklore Festival of New Locks ( Nové Zámky ) 

France 2015 – Concert tour in Burgund region - Dijon

Children’s Folk Garden 2009 (DF Zahrada 2009)

At the end of the last school year, the children’s folk music group Osminka and the Primary Art School at Prague 8, Taussigova 1150 organized our tenth annual one-day children’s folk festival, called “Children’s Folk Garden”, this time in a chamber style. This was a meeting of about 7 children’s folk groups, which used to meet in the second half of June around the date of the day of St. John the Baptist, in order to be able to demonstrate what new things they have learned, make contact and friends with other children’s groups, get inspiration from the one adult group that has closed the main program in recent years, and for everyone to be able to play and sing together at the end. The festival included a morning educational concert for the kindergartens and primary schools of the group that organizes the event and of one of the visiting groups, since the sixth annual concert an official meeting of representatives of the groups with representatives of the Prague 8 Hall, an afternoon procession in national costume and the main evening program in the garden of the Taussigova school. But the most important it was the meeting of children and adults who enjoy folk art with all that belongs to it and wish to share that joy with local audiences. 

The goal of the “Garden” folk festival is the preservation, demonstration and promotion of folk art, including folk music, dance, traditions and customs as presented by children’s folk goups on the edge of Prague. No fee is paid for participation or presentations.  

CD "Zima byla, bláto bylo"

In January 2007 we christened our first CD Zima byla, bláto bylo, together with godparents Olga Walló, Eva Špačková and Pepa Fiala. On it you can find many well-known and not so well-known songs related to the Advent season.

We present you several sound samples here.

If you are interested in acquiring this CD, come to one of our concerts (see Akce) or write to us about it.


Jana Pavlíčková – group leader

email: JanaP@osminka.cz

tel.: 728 559 051

Honza Papež - webmaster

email: HonzaPapez@osminka.cz

Taussigova Primary Art School

web: www.Taussigova.cz

email: zus@taussigova.cz

tel.: 286 587 747, 286 587 985